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Technique Tip - Wrist Locks in the Air

Have you ever wanted to bring your wrist locks up to the next level? If so, there's good news! There's a way to make even wrist locks in the air! If you're thinking ... wait ... hold up, I'm not sure how to even do them from floor! Click here for a previous technique tip.

Wrist Locks are handy because they support your grip more so than simply holding the silks (utilizing solely grip strength) or circling twice.

Whether they're done air-bound or floor-bound there's an array of shapes you can do once they're on (stag, splits, straddle, bird's nest, meat-hook, skin the cat, eagle and more).

See below for a video breakdown and tips from Gabe!

In order to make the wrist locks even in the air, we’re going to use an inversion that will allow us to free both hands.

To begin, practice the inversion low to get used to releasing your hands. Begin by inverting in between the fabrics and crocheting one leg over both fabrics. Make sure to use as much power as you can muster as you crochet the top leg, flexing the foot for maximum tension.

Cross the other leg over and squeeze your thighs. You can try taking a little bit of weight out of your hands and eventually, release them entirely. For an alternative, you may crochet both legs and cross your ankles. I find this one less secure but many aerialists prefer it!

When you’re comfortable with the inversion, try it a little higher and wrap the wrist locks. Once you’ve successfully released your arms, put them above your head, allowing the tails to be in front of your stomach. Wrap your wrists in towards your body, and then up toward the sky. Instead of grabbing the tails, pass them over the pole for an added layer of security. Grab the pole and now you’re in it. Slowly take off your legs and you’re in your wrist locks.

To exit, crochet your leg high up above one hand. Lift your chest up and unwrap the opposite wrist lock. Make sure to crochet high above the hand to give yourself enough room. Crochet the other leg and remove the remaining wrist lock.

We'd love to see your wrist locks in action! Tag us on the 'gram @aerialphysique and #iloveap.


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