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Technique Tip Tuesday - Back Dive

It's Technique Tip time! In the spotlight this week is Back Dive. Gabe breaks it down using rope, however, it can also be done on silks. He goes over a couple of fun entries to get into the wrap along with what to do after you've completed the dive! Click the video below to check it out.

The first entry is called the “reverse hook.” Before attempting it in the air, make sure you understand the pathway on the ground. Lay on the ground on your right side with the rope on the right side as well. Practice putting your legs in a scissor position with your left leg in front, right leg behind. Lift both legs up using your obliques and hook the right foot first with a flexed foot, (this may seem counterintuitive!). Then, slide your right foot up the rope and hook the left leg backwards on the rope. Sliding the right foot up will ensure that you have enough space to hook and you won’t hook on your hands. Once the pathway starts making sense, try it from standing! Practice climbing above the hooked knee to move on to the next step. Then, scissor your right leg forward and scoop up the tail with your left leg. This movement feels like a smaller, more subdued hipkey movement. Aim to get the tails as high up in your thighs as possible. Grab the tail with your left hand and pass it to your right. Now, in order to complete the rotation, you need a lot of power! Pull your body in towards the pole and push away forcefully! Imagine driving your feet towards your face. The hand that pushed away from the pole will be the same hand that will grab the pole as you sit up. Squeeze the rope with your thighs so you can remove your right hand and grab the pole with both hands. Let the rope unwind from in between your legs, straddling up when the rope is on your right side. Hook the right knee and let the rope come off of your stomach. For a slightly more challenging option, instead of passing the rope before the drop, try it while you’re flipping! The only difference is that you will start with the rope in your left hand, push away from your right, and pass the tail from your left to right hand immediately upon releasing. You have much more time than you would think so it isn’t too much more of a challenge! If the reverse hook isn’t happening, try the Brazilian hook entry. Begin with the rope in between your legs and cross your right leg over your left as you key over. This part is extremely slippery so squeeze your legs super tight, (or apply some rosin to help!) Swim the rope over your torso and now you’re in the same place as you would’ve been with the reverse hook. Now you’re ready to scissor the legs and begin the Back Dive. For yet another entry, invert with the rope in the middle of your legs and hook the right knee. Grab the tail from in between your legs and pull enough slack to thread your knee through. Scoop your right leg under the rope and you’re right where you would be if you had done the reverse or Brazilian hook!

This Back Dive lands in a Z-Wrap so add a Windmill at the end for an added combo!

Show us your Back Dives! Tag @aerialphysique and #iloveap. ​

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