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Technique Tip Tuesday - Pointed Foot Single Ankle Hang

It's technique tip time! In the spotlight this week is a tip brought to you by Master Trainer Gabe - Pointed Foot Ankle Hang. Yep, it's possible to do a single ankle hang with a pointed foot! 🤩

This ankle hang allows you to finish your shape with beautiful lines and it just may be a skill to keep in mind for your next aerial photo shoot or performance piece! Below are some tips to accomplish this alluring, yet challenging skill safely and with grace.

Begin by practicing the pathway on the ground to make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of how the skill works and how to safely enter and exit it. Crochet both legs and choose what foot you are going to start with. Bend that knee towards your face as you pull the tail up to meet your foot. Wrap the fabric from the inside of the foot, all the way around until it has fully wrapped the pole. The silk will begin and end on the inside of your foot, around your arch. To exit the skill, simply retrace your path by reaching around the outside of your leg and unwrapping the pole. The higher you crochet the free foot, the easier your exit will be. Make sure to try both sides! When you’re comfortable with it on the ground, take it up from standing on the mat so you are still close to the ground but will feel the full weight on your ankle. To alleviate the discomfort, pull down on the tail of the wrapped foot. This will take some of the weight off of your ankle and into your arm. When you’re ready to get out, reach the free hand high and crochet the leg, retracing your pathway on the wrapped foot. Grabbing the leg from the inside may be more intuitive, but won’t get you out of the ankle wrap!

Don’t allow the wrap to rotate to the middle of your foot. You want it to stay safely on the inside of your foot for the tightest wrap. Make sure to pull the tail down to tighten it before you release your hands. If it feels too precarious to release both hands then please don't, it's A-Okay and still equally as beautiful to continue holding with one hand.

Add a spin to alleviate some of the discomfort (thanks to physics) and dazzle your audience with the multitude of shapes!

We'd love to see your ankle hang in action, tag us on the 'gram @aerialphysique. With encouragement, Gabe & Jill


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