5 Bad Habits Every Aerialist Should Avoid

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

As an aerial artist, you probably have dreams of performing… maybe its sharing the stage with a famed pop-star while you rock your aerial routine to a hit song. Or maybe you’d love to see yourself shimmying up the silk on a perfume commercial. Ever dreamed of gracing the Cirque du Soleil stage? Perhaps you’re eager to perform in your studio’s Holiday showcase, or you’d simply like to achieve that one, perfect sequence, that you post on IG to feel ridiculously proud of yourself.

Whatever your aerial calling is you bet your lil’ booty that those dreams will be far-fetched, if you skimp on proper training and allow bad habits to creep in.

If you've ever taken a class with Jill she won't hesitate to call you out on bad habits. The first step to b