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5 Ways to Support Your Aerial Community During Quarantine

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

In times of uncertainty, it's totally normal to feel fearful. Do you remember when you did your first drop and how afraid you were? When it was over, you likely bounced around with excitement and couldn't wait to do it again. Well, maybe not everyone, but I'm certain many of you did. 

I want to remind you that being an aerialist makes you a courageous and bad-ass person, whether you're doing drops or not. We feel the fear and do it anyway (with proper guidance, rigging & crash mats of course!). 

Please don't get upset at yourself for feeling fearful during these challenging times. Acknowledge your fears but try not to let them consume you. You are a strong and bad-ass person and you WILL get through this. When all of this is over you'll be bouncing around with glee just like you did after your first drop or scary skill you conquered! 

In the meantime, let's support each other. Our community of aerialists and studios around the world could use some extra love right now.

Below are five ways to support your aerial community during quarantine:

1) Write a Yelp, Facebook or Google review for your studio and share what you enjoy about taking classes there!

2) Follow your studio on social media channels if you don't already (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube). 3) Send a hand-written thank-you or thinking of you note to your favorite instructors and/or classmates and express how they've helped or inspired you and what you adore about them (email works too!). 4) Stay a part of your community by signing up for online classes that your studio is offering in the meantime. Virtual high fives are better than none at all! We're offering handstand and flexibility classes on Thursdays, sign up here. 5) Purchase a class package for future classes or a gift card. I keep telling myself April showers bring May flowers. Let's do our part in staying safe and healthy so we can return to our communities soon!

Share the community love, feel free to share this with a friend. Sending a virtual hug your way!

With love,



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