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Best aerial conditioning exercises!

Let's chat aerial conditioning! While aerial itself is inherently conditioning, there are always specific areas that we can focus on to improve our skills. Whether it's grip endurance, pull-up strength, inversions, or dynamic skills, there's always something to work on in your aerial practice.

If you take class with me IRL, I typically start with some conditioning exercises at the beginning of class to help prepare students for the skills we have planned. Then, we finish class with a few minutes of focused conditioning to push our muscles to fatigue and build newfound strength and endurance.

Curious about some of these conditioning exercises? I'm sharing my three go-to exercises that target core strength, upper body strength, grip strength, hip flexor strength, compression and inversions too! Oh, and it takes only 5 minutes or less!

See the video below:

  • Hanging Scissors 5x alternating legs

  • Rock n' Roll 5x alternating legs

  • Long Arm Hang - 1 minute (goal!)

If you're looking for even more conditioning inspiration, both on the floor and in the air, I recommend checking out Aerial Physique TV. It's a fantastic resource for aerial inspiration that will take your practice to new heights. And the best part? I've arranged an exclusive sneak peek for you with no strings attached. Simply click here to get a free preview!


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