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In need of new aerial arts profile pictures? Hold that pose cuz, we gotcha!

But wait, there's even more exciting news. We're going one step further and giving you exclusive, insider tips from our pro photographer as he reveals the top 5 ways to best prepare for an aerial photo shoot.

1) First off, you should honestly assess if you're ready for a shoot. We recommend that you have at least one year of aerial experience. In addition, 

are you confident in your skill set to hold poses? Do you have an awareness of clean, tight lines? Heck yes aerial shoots are rewarding, but honey let me tell ya, they are exhausting too!  

2) Practice makes perfect isn't just a phrase. The camera will love you more when you arrive to the studio with a plan for those stunning poses that you've rehearsed beforehand. Bring sample photos with you on that trusty cellphone always in your hand. Creative minds tend to think alike and our badass photographer is in the know, on literally ever pose.

3) Plan your outfits - what is your personal style? Let that sexiness shine girl. Are you down to strike a fitness vibe pose? Or are you a debonair performer with a feisty vibe. 

4) Come photo ready! Hair on point and makeup should be banging. Maybe its Maybelline time for real, yo?  

5) Oh yeah, one more thing, enough already with being your own worst critic talk. Here at Aerial Physique, we aim to capture you in your best light and will be sure to deliver the most Instagrammable images possible! Watch that follower count go up, up, up!

Speaking of Instagram- check out our photographer's Aerial photo catalog HERE.

or- find him at @aerialphsyiquephotos.

Live in L.A. or planning to visit?

Plan your photo shoot today!

Email our renowned photographer TC Franklin at:


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