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🦄 Ins & outs of the Pegasus!

The Pegasus - a skill that's flattering and totally photo-worthy! Curious about how to nail the entry, exit, and all the details in between? I've got you covered in this quick video guide.


  • Begin from about two climbs up - place egg beater wraps on.

  • Invert into a tuck between the silks

  • Extend legs into a split

  • Hook the front leg of the split onto the silk on the same side allow the wrap to settle above your knee.

  • Extend your arm upward to the free silk and use your bottom hand to place a foot lock on.

  • Rotate your hips forward and guide the foot-locked leg behind for your Pegasus. You can place both hands on the front, back or one on each silk, your choice!

  • To exit, place both hands on your foot lock side and shift your hips backward Kick your leg from outside to inside to unwind the silk wraps.

  • Step forward to exit your foot lock.


Insufficient Tuck Technique: Nailing the tuck might be more challenging than anticipated. Practice the techniques highlighted in the video for improvement.

Excessive Back Leg Lift in Split: Be cautious not to raise your back leg excessively during the split. This mistake could lead to an accidental loss of balance. Maintain downward pressure on your back leg.

Sliding Wraps due to Knee Hook: Ensure all wraps remain above your knee when hooking it. This guarantees a secure and effective wrap.

Exiting Errors: When leaving the position, remember to place both hands on the side where the foot lock is secured. Simultaneously, kick your leg from the outside to the inside. Additionally, step forward to exit the egg beater foot lock. Avoid stepping backward like you would in figure 8 foot locks, as this can result in getting stuck.

P.S. Is the initial Egg Beater part of the Pegasus tricky for you? If so, I've got your back! ​Click here to grab your complimentary Egg Beater guide​, to help you nail 'em with confidence every single time.


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