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📸 Photo Shoot Pose Ideas!

Have you ever had someone put you on the spot and say show me something cool, or at the end of class, your instructor asks you to freestyle and you blank on all the things you know in the air?

If so, it just means you're human :) When it comes to skills and retaining them, it often takes countless repetitions to make 'em stick, but we usually know more than we think we do!

This is the time of year for performances and photo shoots, so I thought I'd put together my five favorite poses on the silks, so you have some go-to's. See below to check 'em out!


Back Loop Split

Wrist Lock Flag

Ankle Hang Diamond

Aerial Chair into Wings

*Step-by-step tutorials of each shape can be found on Aerial Physique TV.

If you're local to Los Angeles or would like to plan a train-cation and visit, I'm happy to announce that aerial photo shoots are back and available for booking! Click here to learn more.

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