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Quick tip! Smooth Egg Beater Exit

If you ever take class with me IRL you'll likely hear me say 'it's not over, until it's over' meaning the skill/sequence isn't complete until you're safely off your apparatus and down to the mat.

Sometimes we do a skill, don't conserve enough energy for the exit, celebrate a bit too early, or don't take much time to practice the exit itself which can result in getting out haphazardly.

Doing so can lead to possible injuries, sloppy movement pathways and habits that don't serve your aerial practice well.

One common skill I see this in is Egg Beaters foot locks (aka dance wrap) which can easily get confused with Figure 8 Foot Locks. Egg beaters you must step forward while Figure 8's you need to step backward.

Mid-skill this can be easy to forget. If you step out incorrectly of either wrap you're likely to end up with the silks tangled around your ankles.

See the video below for a seamless exit out of Egg Beaters every time!

Your smooth egg beater exit: Place the silks on the inside of your legs, step forward and down. Make sure the poles are to the inside of your thighs and not the outside.

If the silks are on the outside of your legs the silk crosses over the front of your ankles making it difficult to get out. Usually, resulting in having to shake the wraps off your feet.

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