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No rig? No problem!

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

We're obsessed with these hand loop straps

Don't currently have access to rig? Frustrated you can't keep up with your 'aerial grip'? These straps from Aerial Fitness Bodies are for YOU!

The beauty of the AFB straps is that they’re home & travel friendly so you can workout whenever & wherever there is access to a safe pull up bar... from the luxury of your own home or a hotel gym, to the park or on the beach!

Developed by former Cirque Du Soleil aerialist and acrobat Stuart McKenzie, AFB provides an accessible aerial experience and lifestyle.

Click here to order your pair! Enjoy 10% off with code aerialphysique

The creator, @stustraps, shares his top three exercises to get you started below ...

Need some additional guidance & motivation? Grab your spot in a live virtual workshop

1. AFB Pull ups 

Focus: FLY HANG POSITION = *Comfortable engaged mid way height between a scapula depression & elevation. Position scapula in abducted/protracted position (spread scapulas across back) Most important starting & exit position for the majority of hanging skills.  Cues:  - Begin in fly hang position with core engaged and legs straight in pike position - Engage shoulders & lats to pull chin to strap height (neutral head position) - Externally rotate shoulders & supinate forearms as you pull up (turn little fingers towards body), which will depress the scapula to help engage the lats - Slowly lower back down through straight body and shoulder alignment to fly hang position - Exhale on top of the pull up and inhale as you lower down.  Options: Tuck, pike or straight leg pull ups

See the video tutorial below:

2. AFB Leg Lifts 


- Place the hands shoulder width apart through the inside of the AFB hand loop straps & keep elbows straight

- Set body into Fly Hang height (mid point between scapula elevation & depression)

- Stabilize and block through the shoulders and scapula keeping a straight shoulder alignment, rib cage down & engage the core

- Through straight legs raise the feet in between the AFB hand loop straps (hip flexion), drawing the belly button to the spine & rounding through the hips (Maintain posterior pelvic tilt) 

- Externally rotate shoulders & supinate forearms on the leg lift (turn little fingers towards body)

- Short controlled breaths See the video tutorial below:

3. AFB Aerial Flags 

Focus:  - Place one hand on the inside of the AFB hand loop straps and grab tightly - Set into Fly hang position with straddle legs  - Place free arm holding on to the opposite strap for support. - Leg lift right foot to right hand twisting the hips at the top of the lift - Pull down against strap and rotate wrist (pronate) engaging shoulder stability & scapula control  - Lift legs through inverted pike to flag position - rotate wrist, hips, and free arm up and back - Release free arm when locked into the one arm flag position; squeeze core (irradiate (tension) throughout body) & drive top leg and free arm away (elongate body) - Free arm grabs the strap to slowly eccentrically lower back down to fly hang position - Repeat on opposite side  - Short controlled breaths throughout movement  See the video tutorial below:

More about the creator & amazingly strong human!

Stuart's vision is to share his sporting & artist experiences by giving back to the cirque & fitness world; providing an opportunity to achieve personal fitness, performance & life goals through trust, belief, & confidence in oneself.

Click here to check out his aerial acts. Follow him on Instagram at @stustraps & @aerialfitnessbodies. >>> ORDER YOUR STRAPS HERE

Enjoy 10% off with code aerialphysique

Tuesday, Sep 1 2020 - Tuesday, Sep 22 2020

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM EDT (New York Timezone) 4 weeks An email reminder will also be sent an hour before the workshop begins. Props needed: Safe pull-up bar, your AFB straps, theraband and yoga mat.

Zoom URL will be immediately available upon purchase.


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