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Technique Tip - Single Star Variation

This week I'm breaking down a Single Star variation that's pretty yet also helpful when it comes to learning how to be in better control of your drops.

As I say in my classes YOU should be in control of the drop, the drop shouldn't be in control of you! What I graciously call the 'drop n' flop' can only get you so far ;).

See below for tips & a video breakdown.

Step 1 - Begin from approx. 2-3 climbs up and set up as you would for Single Star. Same side hook, thigh wrap for catchers and belly wrap from front to back.

Step 2 - Pike your free leg toward you and toss the tail over your inner thigh followed by 2 additional wraps down your leg to complete 3. Be sure to avoid wrapping directly over your knee cap.

Step 3 - Extend your hooked leg up meeting your foot with the pole. Lift your shoulders up to the side and grab the silk with your top hand next to your foot.

Step 4 - Pause in a star position focusing on turned-out and tight legs, ribcage in and bottom arm reaching overhead.

Step 5 - Release top hand and foot while thinking 'tight is light' to control the drop. Meet legs together at the completion of your rotation.

Step 6 - To exit sit up, unwind leg wraps and pass the tail up and over your head.

The leg wraps allow you to drop without holding the tail and also tend to slow your drop down considerably. It's a very supportive drop and a great way to work on your body positioning for your star drops!

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