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Technique Tip Tuesday the No-Handed Key Over

It's technique tip time! In the spotlight this week is the No-Handed Key Over - a fancy way to transition into a pencil drop position from a traditional, 'X-body' shape.

While it’s of course possible to do it with hands, this variation adds drama and requires fewer steps. Check out the video below for a breakdown brought to you by Master Trainer Gabe Hilden-Reid.

The best way to learn this variation is from a no-handed star drop so that if you don’t make it over, you’re completely safe and locked in! We’ll start with a no-handed single star wrap: same side hook, over the left leg once, over the stomach once, and back over the left two more times. Begin by tracing the movement with your hands so you understand the pathway before you take the hands off. Reach your right arm above the right knee, reaching the left arm underneath the right knee. Bring the left leg up as you take the right knee off and key over to the right. Once you feel confident with the pathway, let’s take away the hands! Pike the left leg towards your face as you twist your torso down to the left. Twist your torso to the right as you explode up and over! Twist your arms as well to help make it over smoothly. Without committing to the twist, it’s much harder to get enough power to make it over. Think of the twist as winding up a top before you pull! If you don’t wind it up, it won’t have any power to twist! Failing to pike will also make it much harder to accomplish this goal. The pike allows you to thrust your leg further, creating more energy as you key over. You can apply this skill to any star drop to make it into a pencil! When doing a regular double star, place the tail in your left armpit as you key over without your hands. Remember to hold onto the tail as you twist into your pencil drop!

We'd love to see your no-handed key over in action! Tag us on the 'gram @aerialphysique & #iloveap.


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