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Technique Tip - Which hand leads?

Have you ever paid attention to what hand is the leader for you in specific skills?

Oftentimes if we don't think about it our dominant hand will do ALL of the leading. While in some cases having our stronger side lead us is beneficial for safety, more often than not allowing our dominant side to run the show for everything can do more harm than good long term.

I recently asked our Instagram community which hand they prefer on top when starting skills and the replies were rather interesting (if you'd like to read them click here). One main takeaway was those who also practice pole in addition to silks start with their same side hand on the bottom (this is needed for leverage on the pole). When it comes to other vertical apparatus like silks and rope since it's not fixed to the floor, the leverage is different. Many tend to put their stronger hand on the top out of habit. For me personally, I've always put my same side hand on the top (silk on right, right hand on the top and silk on left, left hand on the top). While I don't think there is an end all be all 'right' or 'wrong' it is something important to be aware of and can vary based on the skill that you're doing.

The skill I'm relating this to for your tip is Opposite Side Knee Climb. For years I've noticed many aerialists have a common habit during this climb. Their dominant hand always leads without taking notice! This is one area where imbalances in grip, forearm and overall upper body strength take place due to favoring one side.

See the video below to learn which hand I think should lead in this climb!


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