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Technique Tip: The Skydiver!

Updated: 5 days ago

Do you recall what initially sparked your interest in aerial arts? Well, one major reason many of us are drawn to it is the sheer thrill of the experience! It demands dedication, bravery and patience, sure, but the payoff? Fun galore! And the perks? They're plenty: boosted confidence, enhanced strength, flexibility, coordination and a wonderful community—all wrapped up in a bundle of aerial joy!

A while ago, I shared a silly video on Instagram featuring me goofing around mid-air. Many of you asked how to get into the wrap, which we call 'The Skydiver,' and today, I'm sharing just that! See the video below for a breakdown:

The Steps:

  1. Begin from about 3 climbs up with split silks. Invert into a straddle, crochet your feet, and wrap the silks around your back twice.

  2. Pass the silks forward as you thread your knees and hook. Place tails in your armpits as you sit up, grab the poles and pull up into a seated position.

  3. Next, remove the silks from your shoulders, grab and secure your position with your elbows against your sides.

  4. Lean back into a pike position, guiding your legs between the poles. After you've arrived in a 'plow position, ' immediately lift your chest and draw your elbows toward each other, passing your torso through the center to place the silks over your shoulders, forming your skydiver backpack straps.

  5. Once in the Skydiver position, feel free to spin and explore different shapes.

  6. To exit, release the silks from your shoulders, bend your knees and hook them to the sides of the poles. Sit up, reach for the poles and extend your legs as you step into the loops. Reach your hands high, stand up, bend your knees as you separate your feet, and voila, you're out! While having goals and aiming for progress is important, sprinkling a bit of fun into the mix is always a good idea! Give the Skydiver a whirl and tag @aerialphysique — I can't wait to see you in action! 🌟For more tutorials & skill inspiration, join the app Aerial Physique TV! Enjoy hundreds of aerial tutorials, live masterclasses, lesson plans, and more! Skills are searchable by apparatus, name, level and skill type. To start your absolutely free 3-day trial, visit 


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