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6 Common Aerialist Traits ...

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

An aerial studio is an obvious place to find aerialists. However, outside of the studio, they can sometimes convincingly blend in with other humans. Here are six tips on how to spot an aerialist out in the ‘wild’ ;)

1. If you see someone hanging off of any- and everything, you may have found an aerialist. Think scaffolding, subway and bus railings. If you are at a children’s playground and spot an adult on the jungle gym who is not there to accompany a child, this may also be a sign that you have found an aerialist.

2. If you see someone with mysterious bruises on their body, you may have found an aerialist. When questioned about the bruises, this person may exhibit pride about the bruising, due to the awesome drop or skill that it took to obtain the bruise.

3. If you see someone with a very strong upper body (arms, lats, and back), you may have found an aerialist. At the gym, these are the people who are able to do many more pull-ups than the regular gym-goer. Refer to aerial barbie below for an image of what this person may look like ... lol!

4. If you see someone whose fingers naturally curl more than average human when at rest, you may have found an aerialist. This person will feel a stretch when they fully open their hands. Jill's hands have definitely become 'claw like' due to repeatedly engaging her grip for well over a decade. Try the 'claw hand' test. Shake your hands for 10 seconds, then stop with your palms facing upward. A non-aerialist will likely fully open their hands. An aerialist will likely have curly fingers. Give it try on the next friend you see today. (p.s., it works best if they don't know what you're looking for until after they do the test!)

5. If you see someone exhibiting “ceiling envy,” you may have found an aerialist. This person will exclaim at tall ceilings at places like warehouses, airports, and malls. They may even daydream out-loud about how they’d rig their apparatuses and how many points they would be able to fit in that space.

6. If you see someone excited about athletic wear, you may have found an aerialist. This person will specifically be thrilled about unitards and fitted athletic tops that don’t ride up when upside down. While in a store or dressing room, this person may bend over or do a handstand to put the potential outfit to the test!

If you do find yourself in the midst of an aerialist, stay calm and do not panic. Aerialists are generally harmless creatures who enjoy being in the air and falling from the ceiling. Other than that, they’re just like you!

Feel free to share this with a friend or family member who doesn’t quite understand the aerialist species :)


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