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Toss Entry into Catchers!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, whether it's related to aerial or not, where you've been using a particular technique repeatedly, assuming that everyone else must already know about it? But then you discover that's not the case? Well, I can definitely relate to that sentiment when it comes to a variation of the pathway into Catchers!

Ready to level up your Catchers? Let's add some flair with the Toss Entry!

While many aerialists opt for the standard technique of inverting, hooking their same-side knee, and bending their free leg toward their chest while wrapping their thigh, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that approach. However, if you'd like to switch it up, allow me to introduce the Toss Entry, which can also seamlessly transition into an exciting slack drop.

If you're curious to explore this technique, see the video below.

With proper preparation and technique, you'll nail it every time. Here's how:

Start with dynamic leg kicks, as demonstrated in the video, to warm up your legs and get them ready for action. 1) Invert and securely hook your same-side knee. Remember to elevate your hips before hooking your knee, ensuring you can comfortably release your bottom hand. 2) Swim behind with the opposite arm to knee that's hooked to grab the tail. 3) Turn out your free leg from the hip and pike it toward your shoulder. Aim to toss the tail toward your inner thigh and swiftly bring your leg behind you. To kick things up a notch, let's turn it into a slack drop! Simultaneously toss and pull slack. As you drop, you can either cross your legs or keep your leg behind you for added style (whichever you prefer!) This drop brings you back to Catchers, where you can smoothly transition into a Single Star, S-wrap entry, or any other skill that starts from Catchers. Give it a go and let me know how it unfolds! Tag @aerialphysique & #iloveap to share your experience!


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תגובה אחת

Excited to try this! I recently got back into silks after 5ish years away, my current entry into this is a bit messy as I'm regaining my skills. I do however have pretty good active flexibility and I like how this incorporates a bit of that.

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