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Technique Tip Tuesday - Front Walkover Mount

This week’s Technique Tip is the Front Walkover mount. It sets you up for an opposite side straddle time and is a fun and unique way to start a routine or combo. Since it's a rather acrobatic skill we recommend having a spotter nearby to help you and definitely a thick crash mat.

To begin, flamenco one hand a little above the top of your head. The flamenco grip ensures that your grip is correct once you have done the front walkover and are sitting upright.

It is imperative that you make sure that your hands are the correct height. If they are too low, you won’t be able to push off the ground, and if they are too high, you will have no weight in the bottom hand and it just won’t work!

Leg and hand placement is extremely important: if your right arm is up, your right leg is back and your left leg is in front. This part is tricky and can be hard to wrap your mind around, especially when upside down! You step into the front leg, maintain the split with your back leg behind you, and hook with the front leg. Don’t make the easy mistake of switching the legs up; the leg hook will be backward and doesn’t let you continue because it isn’t a correct straddle climb.

Always make sure your hand is directly below your rig point; otherwise, you will swing and it becomes much harder to control!

Like any straddle climb, make sure that you hook your knee above your hands so you don’t get stuck. This will ensure that you can continue on with your straddle climbs safely.

And yes, this skill can also be done on silks :)

For more tips, skills and combos check out our tutorial app, Aerial Physique TV.

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