What type of 'inverter' are you? Open to find out!

After teaching aerial for nearly a decade to thousands of students around the world, I’ve noticed one common thing ... achieving a clean inversion, is CHALLENGING!

Not to worry, you’re definitely not alone. I’ve pinpointed different types of inversion pitfalls in the categories below:

Meet the 8 Types of Inverters ...

◾️Micro-bender - You can invert but can’t seem to shake micro-bending on your way over

◾️Toe Toppler - You can invert, (barley) but that dang foot is needed to help you over

◾️Oopsy Ups - Swinging into it is your jam, there’s no way you can invert otherwise

◾️Droopy Booty - You can invert but can’t seem to keep your hips lifted!

◾️Frogger - You can invert but only with froggy legs

◾️Hunch-a-bunch - You can invert but once you’re there your upper body alignment is off and you’re having shoulder/neck pain after you practice

◾️Melty Arms - Your arms get tired and give out mid-way through your inversion

◾️Frustration Station - You just can’t seem to get our booty over your head yet

So, which are you? Micro-bender and Droopy Booty? A combo of them all? Whatever your verdict is I've gotcha covered. For additional insight on the topic click the link below to grab your free Inverter Type Guide with a special gift inside!

>> GRAB YOUR FREE GUIDE + gift inside!

AND your best inversion is right around the corner!

In our online course, The Inversion Method, I help you to pinpoint the culprits that are causing the 8 types of 'inverters' above. After your diagnosis, I provide you with a clear roadmap to follow using videos (at-home workouts & aerial lessons) and printable guides so you can be on your way to your best possible inversion!

✨Visit www.aerialphysiqueonline.com to learn more and to grab your spot. Enrollment is open between Wednesday, October 14th at 8pm PST and Thursday, October 22nd at 8pm! Save the date!

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