Technique Tip - Crochet Climb

It's technique tip time! in the spotlight this week is Crochet Climb. This climb works well when transitioning into skills that require a cross behind your back. In addition, it's more accessible than most inversion climbs and can be a 'safer' feeling way to enter a skill that would normally require a straddle inversion with split silks up high. Now, I don't want you to use it as an easy way out ... keep working on those straddle inversions , but it's nice to know you have the option if you need it!

See below for a video breakdown, tips and common mistakes.

Step 1: Invert with split silks, keep hips high as you thread one leg between the silks from the outside in. Make sure the back of your knee meets the silk prior to extending your leg up. To finish off the crochet, point and sickle your foot while hugging your arch around the pole.

Step 2: Reach the opposite arm to crocheted foot up high on the free silk (right crochet - reach with left).

Step 3: Firmly press your sickled foot into the pole as you pull up, lift your hips and crochet your opposite leg to switch sides. For a brief moment, both knees bend passing through a 'frog' position during the transition.

Common Mistakes:

Mistake #1 - Not sickling or securing the foot enough. Your foot is your main support in this climb. Gotta super sickle and hug your arch around the pole!

Mistake #2 - Not lifting hips up prior to crocheting. If your booty is too low plan on gravity winning! Lift hips up to hands prior to crocheting.

Mistake #3 - Not reaching hand high enough. It turns into a revolving climb and you don't gain any height!

Once you have the hang of it you can add variations as shown in the video. Extend your free arm back and down prior to reaching up. You can also 'swirl' the silk around you from front to back to add a nice flair!