BONUS Technique Tip - Overcoming the 'Droopy Booty' inverter type

Updated: Apr 1

It's BONUS technique tip time! Here's the scenario ...

An aerialist can invert but can't seem to stay up long, darn gravity! They also tend to hook their knee on top of their hands when getting into skills such as Catchers or Inversion Climbs which can be rather precarious and often results in sliding down or losing their grip.

So why is this happening? Well, there are a few factors but it's most common that their hips aren't lifting up enough at the top of their inversion and their upper body isn't working correctly to support them. In our online Inversion Method course, we refer to this as the 'Droopy Booty' inverter type. How does one go about correcting this?

By working on lifting their hips up toward their hands when inverted, activating the upper back by gently squeezing their shoulder blades together and actively pressing their forearms into their upper thighs to stabilize their inversion.

If you or your aerial