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BONUS Technique Tip - Overcoming the 'Droopy Booty' inverter type

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

It's BONUS technique tip time! Here's the scenario ...

An aerialist can invert but can't seem to stay up long, darn gravity! They also tend to hook their knee on top of their hands when getting into skills such as Catchers or Inversion Climbs which can be rather precarious and often results in sliding down or losing their grip.

So why is this happening? Well, there are a few factors but it's most common that their hips aren't lifting up enough at the top of their inversion and their upper body isn't working correctly to support them. In our online Inversion Method course, we refer to this as the 'Droopy Booty' inverter type. How does one go about correcting this?

By working on lifting their hips up toward their hands when inverted, activating the upper back by gently squeezing their shoulder blades together and actively pressing their forearms into their upper thighs to stabilize their inversion.

If you or your aerial students can relate to this inverter type give these simple exercises a try!

Exercise #1 - Upper Back Activation Begin standing tall. Intentionally round your shoulders forward. Focus on gently drawing your shoulder blades together to widen your collar bones while opening the front of your chest. Hello, good posture! Repeat 10x

Exercise #2 - Inverted Upper Back Activation From split silks invert & hook your flexed feet for stability (optional wrist locks for extra support). Lift hips up as high as you can toward your hands with your feet supporting you. Practice rounding your shoulders forward & drawing shoulder blades together to widen your collar bones. This helps to teach your body that when you're inverted that your upper back needs to be active! Repeat 5-10x.

Exercise #3 - Half Straddle Extensions From the same split silks flexed feet position extend one leg at a time into a 'half' straddle. Focus on your form - upper back active, hips lifted, extended leg turned out and forearms pressing in toward your upper thighs for stability. Repeat 3-4x on each leg.

Exercise #4 Straddle Extensions Once exercise #3 starts to feel easier then work on extending both legs into a straddle. Hold for 5 seconds, re-hook your feet and repeat. As your strength increases work up to longer holds.

In The Inversion Method course, we work on even more air-bound and at-home exercises to overcome 'Droopy Booty' along with many other inverter types.

Click here to see before & after videos of aerialists in our community!

Hear what course member Lulu has to say about her experience!

“I realize inverting is one of the hardest parts of aerial class for people to nail, especially if they are just starting. It is discouraging and disheartening to be defeated by such an essential move- I felt that pain for MONTHS. So much so that it was hard to get to class sometimes. No matter how much I loved aerial class, my body didn't feel capable. But because of this course, that is no longer the case.” Lulu - @lulu_will_kick_your_ass

It gives me goosebumps full of pride and joy hearing stories like Lulu's! Enrollment in The Inversion Method will reopen in 2022.

In the meantime, click here to grab your absolutely FREE Inverting With Straight Legs Guide. Inside you'll find exercises to help you overcome micro-bends and froggy legs!


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