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Technique Tip Tuesday - Even Double Foot Locks, every time!

It's that day again, Technique Tip Tuesday! In the spotlight this week is a solution to a very common aerialist pitfall - making your Double Foot Locks even, every time!

Whether you're new to aerial or have been at it for years, making your tootsies even in those locks can be daunting ... that is until you know the correct technique.

1) Begin from split fabrics and place a single foot lock on one foot. Once your foot lock is on, stand with a strong supporting leg and press your body into the pole. Reach your supporting arm up high. 2) Wrap your free leg outside around, make sure the tail is draping over the inside of your arch. Lower your free hand and grab the fabric next to your knee with your thumb pointing up. 3) Pull the fabric until your hand meets your upper hip. Reach the slack across the top of your foot while pulling it tight to the side. Bend your knee and step into the slack. Voila! Even foot locks! ❌ Common Mistakes: #1 - Not pulling enough slack (and it pinches your foot!) #2 - Leaning away from the pole when putting on your 2nd lock #3 - Starting with your supporting arm bent (which usually results in mistake #2) #4 - Pulling too much slack For option #2 shown in the video - after you have your first foot lock on, pass your arm and head to the front (same arm to foot that is locked). Stabilize by keeping your opposite hand high on the free silk and pressing the back of your head into the pole when wrapping your 2nd foot. Something to consider, if you're working with medium stretch silks the knee to hip measurement may not be accurate. Pulling to the top of your thigh is usually best. The method in the video is best used for low stretch silks.

Lastly, if you're an aerial teacher watch until the end of the video, there's a spotting tip for ya to help new students nail their foot locks. I'd love to see your oh so even locks! Tag me on the 'gram @aerialphysique.

With encouragement, ️️ Jill


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