Technique Tip Tuesday - Hip Key Secretary

It's Technique Tip time! In the spotlight this week is a skill that can be considered a 'resting' pose, in addition there are drops and other fun pathways that can happen out of it.

While it's a relatively common skill there are two mistake that I've seen made that both have an easy fix! Watch the video below to check it out.

1) Begin from Hip Key with Split fabrics, lift your outside leg up high (left leg if on a right side hip key), and thread your knee through the center. 

2) Use your right hand to slide the right silk behind you and sit.  3) Press your hips up, scissor your legs, and squeeze your upper thighs together. Finish the line off by placing your head to the tail side & extend through your arms.  Common Mistake #1 - Wrong knee thread  After you've threaded your knee if the silk doesn't slide easily behind you you've threaded your knee incorrectly. Pass your knee between your arm and the silk to thread (going from the inside out & not the outside in). Common Mistake #2 - Sliding!  Sliding happens due to not pressing the hips up or not scissoring and squeezing inner thighs. In addition, the lower you are to the floor the more prone to slipping you are due to less tension from the silks themselves. Depending on what you'd like to do next will depend on your exit. Will you need the silks together or apart?  Exit option #1 ending with silks together - Pass your head and shoulders toward the tail. Place both hands on the right pole (if you began from a right side hip key). Lift your top left leg up through the center. The moment your leg clears the center reach your right hand across to the opposite pole and place the silks together.  Exit option #2 ending with silks apart - Pass your head and shoulders away from the tail & bring both hands to the silk that you're sitting on. Begin to lift your top left leg up through the center. The moment your leg clears the center reach your right hand across to the opposite silk.  Lower your legs and allow the tail to fall to either side of your hips.    

There are many skills that can happen in and out of Secretary. It's an important pathway to understand and can also act as a 'rest' for your arms within choreography. 

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