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Technique Tip - Jigsaw Spider

The Jigsaw Spider makes a unique shape that's definitely photo-worthy. Getting into can be tricky and it requires shoulder mobility and plenty of grip strength, but I'm here to guide you through it!

Click below for a video breakdown along with preparation exercises.


  • Arm Circles Back 10x each way

  • Shoulder Rotations with the silks 8-10x

  • Reverse Table Top hold 15-30 counts

  • Seated Shoulder Stretch with arms reaching back hold 15-30 counts

  • Side-Lying Reverse Flag Arm 5x - press forearm into lower back and hold 10 counts, carefully lay back with your arm behind you 15-30 counts

  • Quad Stretch on Wall - optional yoga block under knee 20-30 counts each side


  • Begin from an opposite side knee hook

  • Release same arm as knee that is hooked

  • Reach behind your back & grab the silk to the outside of your hip with your thumb pointing up - a firm grip is crucial

  • Once secure bend free leg, bring heel to bum and grab the tail with your top hand

  • Wrap the silk over your foot from big toe to baby toe

  • Pull the silk down and lift your gaze up to arrive in Jigsaw Spider

  • To exit, release the tail and grab under your knee. Release hand behind your back, meet hands together, straddle legs, pull up and step on the silk

*To modify crochet your leg up from your initial opposite knee hook. Doing so takes some pressure off your shoulder and grip.

COMMON MISTAKES #1 Unsure of arm placement - The arm position can feel awkward and precarious. Practice placing your arm behind your back in your knee hook and grabbing the silk to the outside of your hip low to the mat prior to doing the skill higher and moving on with wrapping your foot

#2 Slippy grip & not prepping shoulder - You must have a solid grip along with adequate shoulder mobility and stability to do the skill safely. Doing the prep exercises will increase your chances of success!

There you have it! I'd love to see your Jigsaw Spider in action! Tag @aerialphysique and #iloveap on the 'Gram.

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