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Looped Splits

I'm breaking down one of my all-time favorite shapes - Looped Splits!

They're a beautiful photo-worthy skill that requires active hamstring flexibility and just the right amount of loop to make 'em happen. Many find it difficult to navigate smoothly, but with a couple of adjustments and the right floor-bound warm-up, I'm confident you'll get there!

See below for a video and breakdown

LOOPED SPLIT SET-UP Invert between the poles in a pike with the tail of the silk between your legs. Hook knees above hands and climb up. Pass shoulders between poles and fold forward. Grab the tails at eye level. Meet tails and poles together with thumbs pointing up. Somersault forward. Pike legs as you drop hips down. When loops meet ankles, pull up and turn into a split. Lengthen arms and bam, you're in Looped Splits! To exit, pull up, meet legs together, sit hips back and release one tail at a time. MISTAKE #1 - Loops are too big - You know your loops are too big if you can't seem to get them around your ankles no matter how low you sink your hips (could be tight hamstrings also). MISTAKE #2 - Loops are too small - You know your loops are too small if you have difficulty pulling up into the split. If you're able to manage, you'll likely feel unstable in the skill because your hands are too low. When making your loops use the 'goldie locks principle.' They can't be too big or too small, they have to be just right. Typically grabbing the tails at eye level in your set-up can help achieve this. If you have the right size loops but still find it difficult to get the silks smoothly around your ankles, it could be due to a lack of active hamstring flexibility along with core recruitment. MISTAKE #3 - Pushing legs down into your loops - typically results in the loops getting stuck around your calves. For your loops to easily slide to your ankles, you'll need to lift your legs toward you in a pike position - hello, active flexibility! To improve your active hamstring flexibility, I recommend a thorough warm-up that includes the exercises shown in the video - Pike Folds with a flat back & Seated Pike Lifts before giving your Looped Splits a go! There you have it. I'd love to see your Looped Splits in action! Tag @aerialphysique #iloveap on Instagram & TickTock!


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Any tips on gripping the silks if you have really small hands? I’m always worried that I’ll fall out of the loop because I can’t fully grab around the tail and the head fabric for the loop.

Me gusta
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