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Technique Tip Tuesday - Secretary Drop

It's Technique Tip time! In the spotlight this week is a continuation of the Hip Key Secretary tip from a couple of weeks ago - Secretary Drop! 

This skill is an 'open' drop, meaning - you don't have a safety or wraps holding you in, the success of the drop relies on your technique and grip strength. 

For many, this skill is rather daunting. Understanding the pathway and walking it down prior to going for it will definitely help.

1) Please never practice drops without a crash mat, from trees, or without guidance from someone who is experienced. Be sure to thoroughly understand the wrap and be aware of what could potentially go wrong. That's more important than what could go right! 

2) Practice walking the drop-down several times until you feel comfortable and fully understand the pathway. 

3) If you are on a right side Secretary, the tail will be draped to your left side. When you grab the tail make sure both thumbs are pointing up, this way when you land in the drop, your hand placement is correct and you don't risk hurting your wrist or falling out of the skill. 

4) Your shoulders and head lean toward the tail (left) as your outside leg (right) extends to the side with a flexed foot. The moment your foot makes contact with the silks, sickle it around for support. 

5) Do not take your opposing leg out from between the silks until your foot is secure. Once you are confident with the drop, the leg that is between the silks extends behind you the moment you feel your foot make contact.

7) If you miss your foot around the pole, you'll either end on the mat as I did in the video, in a straddle or worst case, in a fall if you lose your grip. By focusing on a firm flex, turning out and extending your leg to the side while you drop, it can help ensure the success of your foot catching you. 

8) After you have arrived at the end of the drop you can release your top foot, pass through a straddle and come down or hook your knee and climb above it.

Common Mistake #1 - Incorrect hand placement - Both thumbs must point up 

Common Mistake #2 - Foot missed the silk - This is likely due to not turning out your leg

enough, not flexing your foot. or extending your leg to the side as you fall the opposing way. 

Please remember that solid technique and patience are key. A reminder not to force yourself to push through fear if you don’t fully trust your technique yet.

Good things take time! 

With encouragement, 💖 Jill


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