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Square Splits: How & Why

Let's dive into the (sometimes dreaded) world of square splits! 🤸‍♀️ You've probably heard it before from your instructor or fellow aerialists - training square splits is crucial. But why is that and how can you tell if your splits are truly square? 🤔

In simple terms, a square split means positioning your hips and pelvis in a specific way. Picture this: your hips face forward, and your pelvis maintains a neutral position, avoiding excessive arching of your back. This alignment is key to unlocking the benefits of square splits.

But here's the good part: square splits offer more than just a stretch. They provide a balanced and active stretch that promotes healthier joint alignment for your hips. By focusing on a square position, you avoid overstretching already flexible muscles and/or tendons while giving tighter areas the attention they deserve. It also ensures you're stretching your hip and hamstring more evenly.

This balanced approach minimizes the risk of instability and injury, creating a solid foundation for your overall aerial practice and empowering you in stunning positions like backbends. 🔥

Watch the video below for three ways to determine if your splits are truly square! 📏

Check Your Square Splits!

#1 - Booty Check - When looking from the side, only one tushy cheek should be seen

#2 - Knee Check - Your back knee & top of your foot should point toward the floor, not out to the side.

#3 - Active Broomstick - Slide forward in your split aiming to keep the broomstick connected to your hips!

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