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Technique Tip Tuesday - Double & Single Foot Crochet

Properly crocheting your feet is an important factor in the start of many skills. It's common to find crocheting painful and resulting in burns on the top of your feet.

While relying on mainly your feet to hold you up is definitely not 'comfortable' there are ways to lessen the discomfort and burn factor. Watch the video below for a breakdown & keep reading for insider tips!

Double Crochet

Invert through the center, keep hips high as you thread legs between the silks from the outside in. Make sure the back of your knees meet the silks prior to extending your legs up. To finish off the crochet, point and sickle your feet while hugging your arches around the poles. For added security, squeeze your inner thighs together.

Single Crochet

Invert through the center, keep hips high as you hook one knee over both silks. Rotate your free leg behind you into an arabesque. Straighten your hooked knee aiming your foot to the outside of the pole. Point and sickle your foot while hugging your arch around the pole. Cross your free leg to the front and squeeze your inner thighs together.

Common Mistakes:

#1 Flexed feet - It works but it hurts more and will likely leave you with burned feet. Point, sickle and hug those arches around instead!

#2 Droopy booty when inverting - If your hips are too low when you invert your hands get trapped behind your knees when you crochet and you can't properly hook the back of your knees. Plus it's likely you'll slide a bit when crocheting which can cause burning.

#3 Not having a firm knee hook - This is usually a result of mistake #2. For both versions, aim for a solid knee hook prior to extending your leg up.

Practice your technique and leg pathway in the hammock knot for support. Once you have the 'hang' of it then try it without.

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