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Technique Tip Tuesday - Inverting in Cross Back Straddle

It's technique tip time! In the spotlight this week is a common skill that many struggle with - inverting in Cross Back Straddle!  It's completely possible that you can invert in other skills, but once you put foot locks on and create that dang X on your back, it feels almost impossible to get over. 

If this skill is a challenge for, I've gotcha covered. Click the button below for tips.

AAAND if you're ready to conquer it once and for all, I'll help you gain the strength and mobility to invert in your Cross Back, no problemo, using my online Inversion Method course (enrollment opens October 14th - 22nd btw).

1) There are countless ways to place the X on your back. For the entry in the video, bring your elbows in front of the poles. Reach one hand around & behind to grab the opposing fabric. Your other hand reaches across on the front. 2) Press your hips forward, lengthen your arms & open your legs behind you (opening your legs places less pressure on your lower back & will give you some help with the use of momentum for step 3).  3) Bend your elbows toward your sides (hello lats!) as you join your legs together passing your shoulders through the X.

4) Turn out your legs from your hips & begin to lift them to the side in a straddle. When you feel the X rise above your bum, tuck your hips under to engage your abs, pull-up & press the poles forward to invert. 5) Once you're inverted release the poles & enjoy your victory! 6) To exit, lift your chest & join your legs together. Grab the silk that's closest to your back. Common Mistakes:  #1 Not closing your legs together when passing your shoulders through the X #2 If your legs are turned in it's nearly impossible to invert, turn out those legs!  #3 Reaching your hands too high & not pulling up enough  #4 Arching your lower back (goes hand-in-hand with turning out your legs) be sure to tuck your hips under to invert There are many more possible mistakes, but I'll leave it at that! 

If you're ready to go from feeling frustrated to fabulous about your inversion I can help you get there. 

Hundreds of aerialists from around the world have taken part in The Inversion Method and have gotten results, you can too!

Enrollment opens for a limited time starting October 14th at 8am PST. 

Visit to grab your spot!

Have questions? Visit our FAQs page or send us an email at


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