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Technique Tip Tuesday - Clean Double Foot Lock Exits

The way you exit a skill is equally as important as how you got into it. Easier said than done, I know!

Sometimes our grip gets tired, we already did the 'cool' trick, or we haven't taken the time to clean up the exit so we haphazardly find our way out.

Last week we went over how to make your Double Foot Locks even, now let's chat about how to cleanly get out of them.

When it comes to Foot Locks it's possible your feet are being pinched and you want out asap, or you haven't been taught the correct technique ... so you kick, flail and flop your locks off.

There IS a better way!

Below are 3 options to choose from next time you exit your Figure 8 Double Foot Locks.

Option #1 - Retrace Your Path - Take one off at a time. Manually unlock your 2nd foot with your hand while stepping backward. To take the first off, use your newly freed foot to pop it off while driving your locked foot back and down.

Option #2 - L-Sit - Place your hands at forehead height. Lengthen arms and drop hips back until you create an 'L' shape. Flex feet as you drive heels down.

Option #3 - Pull-Up - Reach hands up high. Pull-up as you simultaneously bend your knees up, back, and drive feet down to unlock your wraps.

There's a theme with all 3 exits ... do you know what it is? ...

You must step BACKWARD to get out of Figure 8 Foot Locks. If you step forward you'll end with tangled wraps around your ankles!

Now, it's common to get Egg Beater & Figure 8 locks mixed up (especially mid-sequence and when you're tired ... I'll admit it has definitely happened to me!).

If you take away one key point from this tip, I'd like it to be this ...

Figure 8's you step BACKWARD to exit

Egg Beaters you step FORWARD to exit

There you have it, say goodbye to sloppy foot lock exits for good!

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