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Technique Tip - Cross Back Split

This week I'm combining some info I shared with you in recent weeks and adding on!

Both the Chair Spin entry from Oct. 5th and the Hip Mobility warm-up from Oct.12th will come in handy.

Cross Back Split is a lovely skill that requires quite a lot of Hip Mobility. I'd recommend doing the Hip Mobility warm-up prior to giving it a go!

Step 1 - Begin from Cross Back Straddle inversion - any entry works the important part is knowing which silk is closest to your back.

Step 2 - Once inverted in Cross Back - grab the poles and lift your chest up. Whichever silk is closest to your back is the leg that passes through the center. Right silk closest, right leg passes. (I have no 'magic trick' to know which is which, I've memorized which entry puts which silk where).

Step 3 - As your leg passes through the opposite rotates in the hip behind you to form a split shape.

Step 4 - Press your leg that's between the silks outward into the pole to help stabilize you. Release your arms by your sides but only if you feel secure.

Step 5 - To exit grab poles and lower the leg down that's between the silks. Place hands on the silk that's closest to your back to come out of your Cross Back. Option to come out into split - in the video I did right hand to right silk, left arm passes through, lower to a right split.

Common Mistakes

#1 - Passing the wrong leg through - you'll quickly realize it's the wrong one, the silk slides off your bum.

#2 - Not rotating in the hip of the bottom leg - it's common to feel 'stuck' here. Thoroughly warming up your hip mobility is key!

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